Best Ways to Drink Craft Gin

The creation of Craft Gin – Distillers of craft spirits changed the world of Gin for ever, with their tantalizing new flavours of exquisite beverages. With all the varieties of flavours and aromas being introduced by these distillers, it is certainly and exciting time for true lovers of this beverage, and there is a flavour out there to suit everyone’s tastebuds. As you may be aware, the predominant flavour of Gin is juniper, but creative craft distillers have started adding other botanicals such as herbs, spices, fruits and even florals to give their creations more flavour and taste and of course their unique aromas. Uniqueness is the name of the game when it comes to Craft Gin, so you won’t get two drinks that taste the same, and sometimes the taste may vary even according to the different batches they produce.
It is versatile – With so many favours available for the true gin connoisseur, there is no limit to the choices available out there. These different flavours can make your cocktail taste even better and offer adventure and excitement to your drink. The creative options are limitless when it comes to making a gin cocktail.
Pricing – Gin distillers like to use traditional methods for creating their artisan beverages, since these don’t compromise on the taste and flavour of the final product. Certain new innovations to these traditional distilling processes however can help bring down costs of producing it, and thereby offer it to the consumer at a relatively low price. However, it has been found that even though Craft Gin may be somewhat higher priced than regular mass-produced Gins, it is still a favourite among people due to the enhanced taste adventure they experience with it.

True lovers of the beverage may have their preferred way of drinking it, and Gin can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Here are a few suggestions:

Drinking your Gin neat – Many gin lovers will argue that the best way to truly experience the flavour and aroma of the beverage is to drink it neat. Drinking it neat though does not mean gulping it down. It means enjoying it in small sips over a substantial period of time, to truly savour the fabulous flavours that the botanicals have added to it. Florals, herbs and spices, and fruits are some of the flavours you can experience while tasting your Gin neat. It is best to sip your drink in a shot glass, which is a short wide bottomed glass, but the main feature is that when you bring the glass up to your lips, the aroma of the gin fills your senses making it even more flavourful and delightful.

On the rocks – Similar to taking it neat, on the rocks is another great way to truly experience the flavours that you Craft Gin has to offer. Poured over a few cubes of ice, makes for a refreshing and cool beverage, and a wonderful way to taste its exotic botanicals.

Gin & Tonic (G&T) – The G&T is an all-time favourite drink, and is considered a legendary combination that compliments the flavours of the Gin. This drink has been a favourite among many for centuries, the only argument being the best garnishing to use for the drink. While some people may prefer the G&T served with a slice of lemon or lime, others have even opted for slices of cucumber or orange.

Gin and Cucumber – This is a combination to absolutely die for! The watery cucumber and this exquisite spirit are a classic case of ‘opposites attract’ and is quite popular among many people. The cucumber significantly highlights the botanical flavours of the juniper berry, citrus notes and pepper, and make for quite the refreshing beverage. Some distillers even use cucumber during the distilling process as it enhances the flavours of the other botanicals.

Gin Martini – A classic cocktail, it is the favourite of superstars, that can come in many variations from a dry martini to a much sweeter version of it.

Cocktails – Craft Gin and its huge variety of flavours is the ideal alcoholic beverage for cocktails because the options and creations are endless. You can match each botanical flavour with different combinations to make some signature cocktails that are bound to wow the crowd!

Which ever way you drink it, Craft Gin distillers offer a truly unique experience with their artisan beverages made using only the finest of ingredients and special botanicals that enhance the flavour, aroma and overall experience of gin tasting. Whatever way you like to drink it, make sure that you take the time to truly let your senses go wild with the unique flavours and aromas offered by this beverage, and enjoy this fantastic drink.

For those of you who are wondering how you can enjoy your favourite and most versatile and refreshing drink while in the comfort of your home, don’t worry about it! There are many online stores that provide booze delivery in London and elsewhere, from whom you can order your craft spirits and get them delivered right to your door. It is as easy as pressing a button on your smart device. Whether at home or at the pub, if there is one drink that you should taste and enjoy, then it is certainly Craft Gin!

Delicious Types of Craft Alcohol to Try Out

These craft brewers and distillers use only the highest quality ingredients in the making of their products, and use traditional production methods with their own unique and innovative twists. These craft spirits are made from hand-picked ingredients such as herbs, spices, fruits and even florals that give these spirits their unique and exotic flavours and aromas, and provide the true craft spirit lover with an experience like no other.

Craft spirits not only provide unique flavours and aromas to enrich the senses, but these drinks come in a range of types to suit all tastebuds and preferences. They are the ideal drinks to pair with your favourite meal, to enjoy by yourself or with friends and family, or to rest and unwind with. The flavourful experience that they offer is far greater and diverse than anything that any other beverage can offer.

One thing to remember is that these craft brewers and distillers are more focussed on producing a quality end-product, and not too much on quantity and making high profits. Hence you will see that they only produce and release a limited quantity of their spirits per year into the market, thus creating a huge demand for them.

So, what are the different types of craft spirits that are available in the market? Here are a few of the favourites.

Beer – Beer is made from barley, where it is converted into a sugar-rich liquid called wort, to which is added hops, and then fermented and filtered. Craft Beer offers a wide range of very flavourful and aromatic beers suitable for anyone, from ales, to IPA’s to stouts, porters and lagers. These beer types differ in the way that they are brewed. For example, roasting the barley before brewing is the recipe for creating stouts and porters, fermenting the liquid from the bottom of the vat brings about lager. Whatever the type of Craft Beer you favour, it offers some very flavourful and aromatic experiences to the beer lovers out there, and the very unique opportunity to pair your favourite food with these iconic beers.

Gin – When it comes to all Gins, its predominant ingredient is the Juniper Berry which gives it its unique taste. However, when it comes to Craft Gin distilling, the distillers add many different botanicals to the distilling process in addition to juniper, such as herbs, spices, fruits and florals, which give each of these artisan gins a unique flavour and aroma. Botanicals such as lemon peel, coriander, orris root, cinnamon, and even such things as coffee and chocolate are some of the favourites that are used to make unique tasting, delicious Craft Gin. Craft distillers still prefer to use their traditional distilling methods, although certain innovative changes have been made. Craft Gin distillers are constantly experimenting and innovating with new botanicals adding newer and more unique flavours to their repertoire.

Vodka – Vodka is usually a spirit that is overlooked as it is considered to be a flavourless and texture less beverage that doesn’t offer as much as other spirits do. However, craft distillers have totally changed this notion, by creating some highly flavoured and textured vodkas from unusual ingredients. While distillers use a range of botanicals and combinations of many botanicals for flavouring their products, in the case of vodka they cannot use so many flavours at once. In order to make the vodka mash, distillers may use ingredients such as rye, wheat, corn, beet, potato or molasses, however the end result is that they provide the craft spirit lover with a lovely range of perfectly crafted and highly desired vodkas.

Whiskey – Beer and whiskey generally involve the same ingredients and production process, except that hops are not used in the making of whiskey, and following fermentation, the liquid is distilled and left to mature in barrels. This maturing process takes at least three years, and the flavour of the whiskey is determined greatly by this maturing process and what was in the barrels before the whiskey was added to it.

Rum – Rum has hardly been a drinking favourite among people, however with the advent of craft rum this has changed a great deal, with more and more younger people loving this very flavourful beverage. Craft rums are not meant to be gulped down, like in the time of the pirates, but sipped slowly to enjoy its uniquely intense flavour and texture. The richness of the rum will depend on how long the liquid is matured, and the longer matured rums are known as gold rum or dark rum, while those that are matured for shorter periods of time are light or white rums.

Tequila – Craft Tequila is an exceptionally flavoured, refined and delicate spirit, again not meant to be gulped down, but sipped or converted into delicious tasting cocktails. Makers of craft tequila have changed the way this drink feels, by infusing ingredients such as coffee, honey, chocolate, salted caramel, coconut and so much more into its manufacturing process.

As you can see, there is a vast range of different types of craft alcohol available in the market, if only you want to search for the best, and definitely craft spirits are the best when it comes to flavour, taste, texture and aroma. These spirits are a whole new adventure in terms of delighting the senses, both taste and smell, and for creating totally new experiences in enjoying your favourite spirit, because craft brewers and distillers put a lot of passion and love into their products, which is why these high-quality beverages are limited in production.

If you are finding it difficult to locate your favourite craft spirit, whether it is beer, craft gin, whiskey or tequila, you can find it easily at online stores who also offer booze delivery in London, where you can get your favourite brand or type of craft alcohol delivered right to your doorstep. Once they deliver it to you, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite beverage. Remember…. Craft spirits are not meant to be gulped down, but sipped slowly to let the flavours, textures and aromas captivate your senses.

What’s the Difference Between a Chef and a Cook?

Whether they are wearing a professional chef coat and toque (the tall hats worn by professionals) or simply a cook shirt under their apron, we see them all in the same light. However, did you know that in the culinary world there is a big difference between the two designations?

For one thing, the uniform that they wear is vastly different. A Chef dressed in his professional uniform of a Chef coat and pants and tall Toque commands the respect and honor that his experience and expertise bring. The Head Chef will usually have the tallest hat, and its height will reduce as they go down the line, while a cook may simply wear a skull cap or beanie to cover their head, and a kitchen shirt rather than the usual double-breasted jacket. Hence to most laymen like us, the only difference we see between the two are the hat and the clothing, even though the actual differences go far deeper into their skills and experience.

Usually, a Chef is someone who has finished culinary school and gained many years of experience, and a cook is someone who either simply enjoys cooking (possibly a home cook or something similar) or is still in culinary school and is learning the ropes, or are probably still apprenticing under a professional. In the hierarchy of the kitchen a cook is considered a lower rank than a chef, which is why they do not get to wear the tall hat and Chef coats and are simply attired in cook shirts and beanies.

What defines a chef?

They should be in possession of a culinary degree from a recognized culinary school.
Have had extensive training under a professional (apprenticeship).
Have greater responsibilities in the kitchen and are usually in a supervisory or managerial role.
They are able to create and implement menus.
They are able to create new dishes which are signature to them.

Chefs have many specialties as well, and different professionals are needed in a commercial kitchen to carry out different activities or head the different sections of a kitchen. These areas of specialty and the hierarchy of the kitchen may include:

Chef de Cuisine – He or she is the absolute head of the kitchen and takes on the role of the Manager. Overall kitchen operations, and all staff under the kitchen department come under their purview.
Sous Chef – The second in command in the kitchen and assistant to the Chef de Cuisine. They take on a more supervisory level responsibility and report back to the head of the kitchen.
Pastry – These professionals are creative geniuses who specialize in desserts and cakes.
Garde Manger – They specialize in cold dishes such as salads and salad dressings, terrines, cold hors d’oeuvres, cold platters, sandwiches and canapes.
Chef de Partie – These are line cooks and will be placed in charge of a specific section of the kitchen such as meat preparation, sauces etc.
Commis Chef – They are apprentice cooks who will assist in the more menial jobs like chopping, cutting and dicing ingredients, and preparing the ingredients for cooking.

While Chefs are generally creative and come up with innovative dishes and garnishing, cooks usually don’t have a say in the creative aspects of the menu items, and are always working under the supervision and management of the head of the kitchen or sectional supervisor. This hierarchy in the kitchen is strictly maintained in all commercial kitchens in order to have a smooth operation, and you can usually distinguish the different levels of the hierarchy from their uniform style or color.

A cook’s responsibilities or jobs include:

Preparing the food daily based on the recipe or the menu plan given to them.
Preparation of ingredients.
Cleaning and washing.
Follow directions and instructions given to them and carry out any other function as required by their supervisor or head of the kitchen.

Whichever job role they play, each person has an important function for the smooth operation of the kitchen, and each role is vital in giving customers a food experience of a lifetime. The learning process for a Chef is long and hard, with many years of endless hours put into it, and therefore when they finally come up to the standard of being referred to as a professional Chef, they certainly deserve all the honor and glory that goes with it.

Looking Out for the Best Father’s Day Present

You consider your father as a great hero and Father’s Day is the best time to express your gratefulness and love to him and being thankful for the fact that he is being there for you always. It is celebrated all over the world and usually it falls every third Sunday of June. It is the day for all the fathers in the world.

This is the best time to give them a present. It will be your form of expression of your great love to the person who has been a major factor of who you are today. However, looking for the best gift for your dad can be very difficult. Here are the things that you might want to consider before looking for a present.

First of all, you might want to think of what he lacks. If he loves to jog but does not have the right socks then you can give him the perfect jogging socks. If he has bought a new tuxedo and you found a neck tie that will be the right match then it can be the best gift that he will ever receive.

Secondly, you might think of something that you will give for his health. It can be a blood pressure monitoring kit or a health book that he can read or even a membership card in your local fitness center. It would be an expression of your concern of his health and that you want him to be strong for you always.

Thirdly, you might also consider the aspect of safety. You can look for stun guns for sale and grab one for him so that he will be able to use it at work or even when he is at home. You can tell him that, it will be his ally in times of danger especially when you are not around to help him.

Moreover, you might want to think of his hobby. If your father loves to do gardening in your house, go to your local garden shop and look for tools which can add up to his gear. Tools used in fixing the car can be an appropriate present too. These tools would remind him that you support him in everything that he loves to do.

The fourth thing that you might want to consider is giving him this day as a time to relax. You can surprise him with a day at a massage center or a movie ticket to see the latest show with your mother. It would tell him that since this is his day, he must try to do the things that he dreams to do.

Lastly, you can think of something simple yet memorable especially when you are low on your budget. You can make a simple greeting card or help your dad out in his chores. Even by just giving a hug and kiss and telling him how much you love him would mean more than material things.

These are the possible gifts that you can give to your dad on Father’s Day. No matter if you decide to go for cell phone stun guns or tickets for a vacation on a new place, if they are heartily given, it would mean so much to your dad.

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