Why Presentation Is Everything At Court

In some ways going to court is like going in to an interview situation, only I would say it is far more pressurised and whereas an interview can last for an hour or two your court case can last for many months sometimes years.

Similar to an Interview situation it is wise to dress smartly and present yourself physically in the best possible light.

You have to realise that you are under the spotlight whenever you attend court and the judge and any professionals in court do not know you at all.

Of course, people should not be judged by their appearance at all, but human nature is such that if you look untidy or unkempt, whether you actually are or not doesn’t matter.

What matters, is that people in positions of power in relation to you, will have already formed an opinion about who or what sort of person you are.

Once those opinions have been formed it is not at all easy to dislodge them from them, or for people to change their minds about you.

So, it is really important to dress well and behave in a manner that does not lead people like the judge or the Cafcass Officer to see you as someone who would not be a good role model for your child/ren.

It will be vitally important that you are able to manage your feelings well and not present as though you are a time bomb waiting to go off.

Your ability to control your feelings and manage your frustrations is key because solicitors will often do their best to irritate you and if you are cross examined will do all in their power to show you up in the worst possible light.

They are likely to put you under a substantial amount of pressure and may choose any number of tactics to wind you up, belittle, shame or ridicule you.

What you have to understand is that is what they consider they get paid for i.e. to win their clients case.

They are not particularly concerned whether you or your child are being treated unfairly, that is not something they will waste any sleep over.

So even if you feel as though you are being crucified unfairly, if you want to stand the best chance of being seen in a positive light you are best advised never to rise to the bait and instead to conduct yourself in a consistently dignified and intelligent manner.

This does not mean that you do not defend yourself properly; it means instead that you keep cool which includes your body language and facial expressions and act to counter any accusations with calm and well thought out responses.

How Do I Make A Relaxing Powerpoint Presentation?

Sometimes when you are convincing your new business plans or ideas to your clients, your methods of delivering your messages to your clients should be more permissive and less bragging. Your clients are basically human beings that sometimes their minds need to be stimulated by stimulating contents and pictures. This is how people are attracted to certain products which have these stimulating elements.

However, when your over-stimulate your clients as they can be easily drifted away from your speech deliverance. In the end, your client do not seem to get the whole business ideas that you have presented earlier resulting a total failure of getting good rapport from them. For example, using over-stimulating images can result improper attention at your slides especially when you put non-relevant images. It is better to use less-stimulating images like common pictures from Microsoft Clip Art based on proper keywords.

In this case, I have chosen a cartoon picture of a woman. Then, I modify the picture layout and colors. For simple slide layout, it is preferable to use plain white-colored background. In my point of view, a picture of a woman symbolizes subtle, gentleness, and tenderness which are commonly associated to relaxation. This does not mean you have to include woman in bikini – that is over the limit.

On the other hand, when you make a template of a relaxing and elegant Powerpoint presentations; you have to make use of the text box. Take advantage of this text boxes by changing its background colors. Use contrast colors to make it distinguishable than other objects in your slides. For better slide enhancement, please use the slide transition effect for the whole slides and “Ascend” entrance effects for the text boxes.

Unusual Christmas Present in 2010 – What Would Surprise Them?

Looking for an unusual Christmas present in 2010? Perhaps you already bought some of your gifts in advance. However if not, finding an unusual Christmas present in 2010 can be very exciting and at some points exhausting especially when you are in the habit of rushing. But not to worry, because if you have not known, there are actually many presents you can find and choose from online.

Unusual presents to improve healthy living

Most of us find it very easy to give presents on Christmas because we are trapped in the habit of doing it over and over again. How about changing your traditional present to an unusual Christmas present in 2010? You can register them for a membership in the gym like aerobics, zumba, yoga, swimming classes or simply to be a member who is free to join fitness programs which will enhance and improve wellness. Some of them might not be into that, but if you truly care about them, you will encourage them to do either one of these activities. This can be a blessing in disguise to them, as it will help prolong their lives and reduces the risks of illnesses.

You can also give them an EMF-blocker pendant which is usually called an energy pendant. This is an extraordinary gift, as it comes from the earth’s core and the “scalar energy” which basically protect the person wearing it from the damaging effects of EMFs. Gadgets like headphones, PC, mobile phones and other things that have radiation, can potentially destroy our health and what this pendant does is it keeps the radiation of these electromagnetic fields from affecting us. It is popularly known to enhance the immune system, reduce fatigue and headaches and decreases hypertension and risks of cancer. There are more advantages that it contributes to human’s body. You can find great deals offered online and some are free shipping. Before buying them, make sure to verify if it has a certificate or any proof of its effectiveness. This is will help you buy the authentic ones.

So, have you decided on what to give as an unusual Christmas present for 2010? Surely, these suggestions will help and give you an idea. What’s important is when you buy them from your heart.